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Songs for Right Now

In 2020 at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, I, like so many other musicians was longing for connection with fellow musicians. I couldn't write anymore, and felt lonely and without purpose.  I felt like being together and making music was such a big part of the joy of music creation for me, so being without this felt like being without a limb. 

In an effort to close the gap, I created Songs For Right Now, a zine for solo performer. What came out, was a 12 page zine of short solo pieces for any instrument, poetry, visual art, and prompts.

In the summer of 2020, I biked around Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, delivering the physical zine and finally got to experience the connection and community of the performers here. It was and still is one of the best things I did during the pandemic. 

Now, the zine lives online as a digital and virtual space for solo performers to create and be inspired by the prompts, and share their work with other musicians who have played through the zine. You can find the Songs for Right Now community here. Feel free to take a look, to contribute, and to pass it on. It is the zine way after all. 

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