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Conversations through a Door

Premiered and Commissioned by Chromic Duo and premiered at the Chicago Museum of Design in 2021

And they spoke back her name 

Premiered at New Music Gathering on May 18, 2018 at Boston Conservatory. Performed by Chelsea Feltman, Padraic Costello, and Timothy Leonard.

Cut, Stitch 

Performed by Sam Carullo and Maddy Dethloff. Recorded by Josh Weinfeld and Kenneth Swartout

when words fail 

Premiered at Opera America by Ryan Colbert, Shawn Cheng, and J.L. Marlor at the 2017 New York Opera Fest

Difficulty in Speech 

Premiered May 1st 2015 at Smith College with the Wet Ink Ensemble (Kate Soper, voice; J.L. Marlor, voice; Erin Lesser, Bass Flute)

Our Flawed Garden

Commissioned by the Da Camera Singers, Spenser Hattendorf, Alto Saxophone; Marianne Lockwood, Piano; Sheila Heffernon conducting

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